1. Appropriate Behaviour
    No harassment, insults, or hatred towards anyone. This includes inappropriate slurs.
  2. Racism
    Racism will not be tolerated, period.
  3. Religion
    We respect everyone's choice of religion and therefore do not allow any discussions related to religion.
  4. Politics
    This is not the place for politics. This is a business website, and we do not participate in politics and will not allow others to discuss politics as it always leads to arguments and name-calling.
  5. Begging
    Do not come to these forums to beg for free products, we have released plenty of free add-ons therefore begging will lead to an immediate ban.
  6. Discrimination
    Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. We have vowed to speak out against injustices and be a positive voice that demonstrates diversity, equality, inclusion, respect, and the value of human life regardless of race, religion, gender, identity, or country of origin.
  1. Spam
    No spamming, advertising, or self promoting as it is rude to do this kind of stuff on another business's website.
  2. Posting
    Post in the correct forums, if you constantly post in the wrong forums, it will lead to the removal of posting abilities followed up by a ban.
  3. Double Posting
    Do not double or triple post within 15-30 mins for a response to your thread. This will only lead to moderators ignoring the thread longer as it shows impatience and immaturity.
  4. Suggestions/Ideas
    Discussions of suggestions and ideas are appreciated and always welcomed. A simple debate regarding suggestions or ideas is okay but when they start getting personal is when we pull the plug on the discussion.
  5. Venting/Ranting
    You are welcome to use general discussion forums to vent or rant about anything you like as long as it does not go against our rules.
  6. Illegal Activities
    Absolutely no illegal activities or discussing illegal activities such as asking for illegal software or hacked software.
  7. Issues
    If you have issues with someone, there is no way we will allow the bantering to happen in forums. Take it to a private conversation otherwise keep it to yourself.
  8. Language
    This is an English only site. Please post in English only, any posts in another language will be deleted and will not be reinstated.
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