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[ Nov 7, 2020 ] Roadmap

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We have added an Issue Tracker to the navigation. This will take you to our newly installed and running issue tracker where issues can be created for addons. This is also where you will see our current progress on addons that are in blue below.


As the developers here at Goblin Tech are gamers, we took a hiatus to game for a bit when World of Warcraft Classic was released. As we still game, we have set a time every day to work on projects for Goblin Tech. As of today, we have taken up developing or redeveloping, various addons in blue below. We have completed [GT] Age Gate and will release it with the rest of the add-ons we complete in the coming months.


Roadmap XenForo Addons


[GT] Register Connected Accounts - To have the ability to dictate what connected account is used to register/login with.


[GT] Age gate - Lock nodes based on a members birthday.


[GT] Conversation Permissions - The ability to turn off conversations except to specific members.


[GT] Post Karma - Allow members to give post karma. Kinda like the all vBulletin addon.


[GT] Economy - We would like to provide a unique credit system with a feature not found in others. Paychecks, bank systems, lottos, etc.


[GT] Shop - A shop that will utilize [GT] Economy and is built into [GT] Economy.


[GT] Invite System - Ability to generate invite codes and set the forum to invite only. Example link www.goblintimes.com/i.php?=xvsw


[GT] Blizzard Blues Tracker - Hate using Wowhead for a feed. We will set up the addon to pull from your API.


[GT] RSS Page - Have the option for an RSS feed to be on a page instead of posts in the forums.


[GT] Raid Progression - This addon will be like Enjin raid progression widgets (Example here)


[GT] MMO ToolTips - MMO tooltips for all the major MMO that have an API. You can have one enabled or multiple enabled.


[GT] Game Servers - Have the ability for the site to ping a server. Show how many players are online. We also want to include the MMO server status.


[GT] Portfolio - Addon that acts as a portfolio or tutorial system. Still thinking about this one......AND still thinking on this one. :p


[GT] Leaderboards/Ladder - This will display the leaderboard for whichever game you choose. Games that will be included are World of Warcraft, The Division 2 to name a few but more will be added to the list.


[GT] Mythic+ Leaderboards - Image displaying your highest keystone completed on your site with more details added in the future. This one is for World of Warcraft until [GT] Leaderboards are released.


[GT] Arcade - Host your own HTML 5 games on your site. Keep track of the highest scores and award credits from [GT] Economy


Roadmap vBulletin Addons


Coming soon.....


Roadmap IPB Addons


Coming soon.....


Roadmap Woltlab Addons


Coming soon.....


As projects are completed, this announcement will be updated.


Color Key:

Green = Completed

Blue = In Progress

Yellow = Future Projects

Red = Future of Project Unclear at This Time

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